Figure 5

Expression profiles of endosialin in neuroectodermal, hematopoietic, and mesenchymal cancers, and in related normal tissues. (A) Whisker-box plots showing expression profiles determined by eNorthern analysis. SCC = squamous cell carcinoma, BCC = basal cell carcinoma; Mel (P) = primary melanoma, Mel (M) = metastatic melanoma, NHD = Non-Hodgkin’s disease; HD = Hodgkin’s disease; GBM = glioblastoma; GCT = giant cell tumor of bone; OS = osteosarcoma; CHS = chondrosarcoma; MFH = malignant fibrous histiocytoma; SpCSa = spindle cell sarcoma; LS = liposarcoma; LMS = leiomyosarcoma; SyCS = synovial cell sarcoma. Normal soft tissue consisted of normal skeletal muscle, adipose tissue from the thigh and uterine ligament soft tissues. Endosialin expression in (B) was determined by immunohistochemistry with mAb FB5.


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