Figure 4

Expression profiles of endosialin in normal and malignant human epithelial tissues. (A) Whisker-box plots showing expression profiles determined by eNorthern analysis. SCC = squamous cell carcinoma; LN = lymph node; (P) = primary; (M), metastases; Pap ca = papillary carcinoma; AdSq Ca = adenosquamous carcinoma, LCC = large cell carcinoma; SCLC = small cell lung carcinoma; NEC = neuroendocrine cancer, Inflamm = inflammatory; MAC = mucinous adenocarcinoma; HCC = hepatocellular carcinoma; IDC = intraductal carcinoma; DC = ductal carcinoma; LC = lobular carcinoma; MC = medullary carcinoma; MMT = Müllerian mixed tumor; ClCC = clear cell carcinoma; GCC = granular cell carcinoma; OC = oncocytoma; TCC = transitional cell carcinoma; WT = Wilms’ tumor. Normal head and neck tissues consisted of seven normal parotid gland tissues and six normal larynx samples. Patterns of endosialin expression, as determined by immunohistochemistry with mAb FB5, are shown in (B). The avidin biotin complex method was used, followed by hematoxylin counterstaining.


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