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Volume 2


Table of Contents

Depletion of CD25+ regulatory cells results in suppression of melanoma growth and induction of autoreactivity in mice
Emma Jones, Michaela Dahm-Vicker, Anna Katharina Simon, Angharad Green, Fiona Powrie, Vincenzo Cerundolo, and Awen Gallimore
Cancer Immunity 2 : 1 (22 February 2002) >Abstract >Full text >PDF

CD40 triggering increases the efficiency of dendritic cells for antitumoral immunization
Naïma Mazouz, Annie Ooms, Véronique Moulin, Sonja Van Meirvenne, Catherine Uyttenhove, and Gérard Degiovanni
Cancer Immunity 2 : 2 (27 March 2002) >Abstract >Full text >PDF

In vitro generated cytolytic T lymphocytes reactive against head and neck cancer recognize multiple epitopes presented by HLA-A2, including peptides derived from the p53 and MDM-2 proteins
Tadao Asai, Walter J. Storkus, Jan Mueller-Berghaus, William Knapp, Albert B. DeLeo, Kazuaki Chikamatsu, and Theresa L. Whiteside
Cancer Immunity 2 : 3 (16 April 2002) >Abstract >Full text >PDF

Immunization against a dominant tumor antigen abrogates immunogenicity of the tumor
Amira Makki, Gunnar Weidt, Nathalie E. Blachere, Leo Lefrançois, and Pramod K. Srivastava
Cancer Immunity 2 : 4 (16 April 2002) >Abstract >Full text >PDF

Identification of tumor-restricted antigens NY-BR-1, SCP-1, and a new cancer/testis-like antigen NW-BR-3 by serological screening of a testicular library with breast cancer serum
Dirk Jäger, Marc Unkelbach, Claudia Frei, Florian Bert, Matthew J. Scanlan, Elke Jäger, Lloyd J. Old, Yao-Tseng Chen, and Alexander Knuth
Cancer Immunity 2 : 5 (28 June 2002) >Abstract >Full text >PDF

T-cell response to unique and shared antigens and vaccination of cancer patients
Giorgio Parmiani, Marialuisa Sensi, Chiara Castelli, Licia Rivoltini, and Andrea Anichini
Cancer Immunity 2 : 6 (28 June 2002) >Abstract >Full text >PDF

Functional analysis of HLA-A*0201/Melan-A peptide multimer+ CD8+ T cells isolated from an HLA-A*0201- donor: exploring tumor antigen allorestricted recognition
Valérie Dutoit, Philippe Guillaume, Pedro Romero, Jean-Charles Cerottini, and Danila Valmori
Cancer Immunity 2 : 7 (12 July 2002) >Abstract >Full text >PDF

Induction of autoantibodies against tyrosinase-related proteins following DNA vaccination: Unexpected reactivity to a protein paralogue
Roopa Srinivasan, Alan N. Houghton, and Jedd D. Wolchok
Cancer Immunity 2 : 8 (19 July 2002) >Abstract >Full text >PDF

Identification of a new peptide recognized by autologous cytolytic T lymphocytes on a human melanoma
Nathalie Vigneron, Annie Ooms, Sandra Morel, Gérard Degiovanni and Benoît J. Van den Eynde
Cancer Immunity 2 : 9 (19 July 2002) >Abstract >Full text >PDF

Urine antibody against human cancer antigen NY-ESO-1
Dirk Jäger, Elisabeth Stockert, Julia Karbach, Kristina Herrlinger, Akin Atmaca, Michael Arand, Yao-Tseng Chen, Sacha Gnjatic, Lloyd J. Old, Alexander Knuth, and Elke Jäger
Cancer Immunity 2 : 10 (6 August 2002) >Abstract >Full text >PDF

Expression of cancer-testis genes in human hepatocellular carcinomas
Guorong Luo, Shaoming Huang, Xiaoxun Xie, Elisabeth Stockert, Yao-Tseng Chen, Boris Kubuschok, and Michael Pfreundschuh
Cancer Immunity 2 : 11 (19 September 2002) >Abstract >Full text >PDF

Identification of a naturally processed NY-ESO-1 peptide recognized by CD8+ T cells in the context of HLA-B51
Elke Jäger, Julia Karbach, Sacha Gnjatic, Dirk Jäger, Markus Maeurer, Akin Atmaca, Michael Arand, Jonathan Skipper, Elisabeth Stockert, Yao-Tseng Chen, Lloyd J. Old, and Alexander Knuth
Cancer Immunity 2 : 12 (19 September 2002) >Abstract >Full text >PDF

Cytokine enhancement of in vitro antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity mediated by chimeric anti-GD3 monoclonal antibody KM871
Zhanqi Liu, Fook-Thean Lee, Nobuo Hanai, Fiona E. Smyth, Antony W. Burgess, Lloyd J. Old, and Andrew M. Scott
Cancer Immunity 2 : 13 (7 October 2002) >Abstract >Full text >PDF

Can hTERT peptide540-548-specific CD8 T cells recognize and kill tumor cells?
Daniel E. Speiser, Jean-Charles Cerottini, and Pedro Romero
Cancer Immunity 2 : 14 (14 October 2002) >Full text >PDF

Characterization of cells prepared by dendritic cell-tumor cell fusion
Eva Gottfried, René Krieg, Christian Eichelberg, Reinhard Andreesen, Andreas Mackensen, and Stefan W. Krause
Cancer Immunity 2 : 15 (7 November 2002) >Abstract >Full text >PDF

Naturally formed or artificially reconstituted non-covalent alpha2-macroglobulin-peptide complexes elicit CD91-dependent cellular immunity
Robert J. Binder, Sumeet K. Kumar, and Pramod K. Srivastava
Cancer Immunity 2 : 16 (18 December 2002) >Abstract >Full text >PDF


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