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Progression of cancer from indolent to aggressive despite antigen retention and increased expression of interferon-gamma inducible genes
Terry H. Wu, Karin Schreiber, Ainhoa Arina, Nikolai N. Khodarev, Elena V. Efimova, Donald A. Rowley, Ralph R. Weichselbaum and Hans Schreiber
Cancer Immunity 11 : 2 (30 June 2011) >Abstract >Full text

Evaluation of LAGE-1 and NY-ESO-1 expression in multiple myeloma patients to explore possible benefits of their homology for immunotherapy
Fabricio de Carvalho, Andre L. Vettore, Riguel J. Inaoka, Bruno Karia, Valéria C. C. Andrade, Sacha Gnjatic, Achim A. Jungbluth and Gisele W. B. Colleoni
Cancer Immunity 11 : 1 (20 January 2011) >Abstract >Full text

Blockade of cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen-4 by ipilimumab results in dysregulation of gastrointestinal immunity in patients with advanced melanoma
David Berman, Susan M. Parker, Jonathan Siegel, Scott D. Chasalow, Jeffrey Weber, Susan Galbraith, Stephan R. Targan and Hanlin L. Wang
Cancer Immunity 10 : 11 (24 November 2010) >Abstract >Full text

Lysis of aminobisphosphonate-sensitized MCF-7 breast tumor cells by Vgamma9Vdelta2 T cells
Swati Dhar and Shubhada V. Chiplunkar
Cancer Immunity 10 : 10 (12 November 2010) >Abstract >Full text



Focus on TILs: Prognostic significance of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in human melanoma
Darryl A. Oble, Robert Loewe, Ping Yu and Martin C. Mihm Jr.
Cancer Immunity 9 : 3 (2 April 2009) >Abstract >Full text

Focus on TILs: Prognostic significance of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in head and neck cancers
Ravindra Uppaluri, Gavin P. Dunn and James S. Lewis Jr.
Cancer Immunity 8 : 16 (4 December 2008) >Abstract >Full text

Focus on TILs: Prognostic significance of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in human glioma
Gavin P. Dunn, Ian F. Dunn and William T. Curry
Cancer Immunity 7 : 12 (13 August 2007) >Abstract >Full text

Focus on TILs: Prognostic significance of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in human bladder cancer
Chrysoula I. Liakou, Sowmita Narayanan, Derek Ng Tang, Christopher J. Logothetis and Padmanee Sharma
Cancer Immunity 7 : 10 (26 June 2007) >Abstract >Full text


Editor's View

Cancer vaccines: an overview
Lloyd J. Old
Cancer Immunity 8 Suppl. 1 : 1 (12 March 2008) >Abstract >Full text

Cancer is a somatic cell pregnancy
Lloyd J. Old
Cancer Immunity 7 : 19 (6 November 2007) >Full text

Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes: indicators of tumor-related immune responses
Kunle Odunsi and Lloyd J. Old
Cancer Immunity 7 : 3 (21 February 2007) >Full text

Hypothesis: Controlled necrosis as a tool for immunotherapy of human cancer
Pramod K. Srivastava
Cancer Immunity 3 : 4 (18 June 2003) >Full text



The winding road to the discovery of the SR/CR mice
Zheng Cui
Cancer Immunity 3 : 14 (16 October 2003) >Full text

The strange road to the tumor-specific transplantation antigens (TSTAs)
George Klein
Cancer Immunity 1 : 6 (9 April 2001) >Full text



Soluble MHC-peptide complexes: tools for the monitoring of T cell responses in clinical trials and basic research
Philippe Guillaume, Danijel Dojcinovic and Immanuel F. Luescher
Cancer Immunity 9 : 7 (25 September 2009) >Abstract >Full text

Sperm fibrous sheath proteins: a potential new class of target antigens for use in human therapeutic cancer vaccines
Maurizio Chiriva-Internati, Everardo Cobos, Diane M. Da Silva and W. Martin Kast
Cancer Immunity 8 : 8 (24 April 2008) >Abstract >Full text

An unusual case of metastatic melanoma sensitive to chemotherapy and immunotherapy, with late immune escape in the brain
Verena Voelter, Alessia Pica, Julien Laurent, Donata Rimoldi, Hanifa Bouzourene, Ali Sajadi, Maurice Matter, Pedro Romero, Nathalie Rufer and Daniel E. Speiser
Cancer Immunity 8 : 6 (27 March 2008) >Full text

Cancer Vaccines 2005: Closing remarks
Kunle Odunsi
Cancer Immunity 6 Suppl. 1 : 24 (6 February 2006) >Full text



Erratum: Correlation of clinical and immunological data in a metastatic melanoma patient with heterogeneous tumor responses to ipilimumab therapy
Jianda Yuan, David B. Page, Geoffrey Y. Ku, Yanyun Li, Zhenyu Mu, Charlotte Ariyan, Humilidad F. Gallardo, Ruth-Ann Roman, Agnes I. Heine, Stephanie L. Terzulli, Sacha Gnjatic, Gerd Ritter, Achim A. Jungbluth, James P. Allison, Lloyd J. Old and Jedd D. Wolchok
Cancer Immunity 10 : 5 (24 February 2010) >Full text


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