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Progression of cancer from indolent to aggressive despite antigen retention and increased expression of interferon-gamma inducible genes
Terry H. Wu, Karin Schreiber, Ainhoa Arina, Nikolai N. Khodarev, Elena V. Efimova, Donald A. Rowley, Ralph R. Weichselbaum and Hans Schreiber
Cancer Immunity 11 : 2 (30 June 2011) >Abstract >Full text

Evaluation of LAGE-1 and NY-ESO-1 expression in multiple myeloma patients to explore possible benefits of their homology for immunotherapy
Fabricio de Carvalho, Andre L. Vettore, Riguel J. Inaoka, Bruno Karia, Valéria C. C. Andrade, Sacha Gnjatic, Achim A. Jungbluth and Gisele W. B. Colleoni
Cancer Immunity 11 : 1 (20 January 2011) >Abstract >Full text

Blockade of cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen-4 by ipilimumab results in dysregulation of gastrointestinal immunity in patients with advanced melanoma
David Berman, Susan M. Parker, Jonathan Siegel, Scott D. Chasalow, Jeffrey Weber, Susan Galbraith, Stephan R. Targan and Hanlin L. Wang
Cancer Immunity 10 : 11 (24 November 2010) >Abstract >Full text

Lysis of aminobisphosphonate-sensitized MCF-7 breast tumor cells by Vgamma9Vdelta2 T cells
Swati Dhar and Shubhada V. Chiplunkar
Cancer Immunity 10 : 10 (12 November 2010) >Abstract >Full text

Ipilimumab efficacy and safety in patients with advanced melanoma: a retrospective analysis of HLA subtype from four trials
Jedd D. Wolchok, Jeffrey S. Weber, Omid Hamid, Celeste Lebbé, Michele Maio, Dirk Schadendorf, Veerle de Pril, Kevin Heller, Tai-Tsang Chen, Ramy Ibrahim, Axel Hoos and Steven J. O'Day
Cancer Immunity 10 : 9 (20 October 2010) >Abstract >Full text

A panel of cancer-testis genes exhibiting broad-spectrum expression in haematological malignancies
Amanda P. Liggins, Seah H. Lim, Elizabeth J. Soilleux, Karen Pulford and Alison H. Banham
Cancer Immunity 10 : 8 (23 August 2010) >Abstract >Full text

High efficiency CD91- and LOX-1-mediated re-presentation of gp96-chaperoned peptides by MHC II molecules
Toyoshi Matsutake, Tatsuya Sawamura and Pramod K. Srivastava
Cancer Immunity 10 : 7 (2 August 2010) >Abstract >Full text

BORIS/CTCFL expression is insufficient for cancer-germline antigen gene expression and DNA hypomethylation in ovarian cell lines
Anna Woloszynska-Read, Smitha R. James, Chajoun Song, Boquan Jin, Kunle Odunsi and Adam R. Karpf
Cancer Immunity 10 : 6 (23 July 2010) >Abstract >Full text

Cellular immune responses against CT7 (MAGE-C1) and humoral responses against other cancer-testis antigens in multiple myeloma patients
Nikoletta Lendvai, Sacha Gnjatic, Erika Ritter, Michael Mangone, Wayne Austin, Karina Reyner, David Jayabalan, Ruben Niesvizky, Sundar Jagannath, Nina Bhardwaj, Selina Chen-Kiang, Lloyd J. Old and Hearn Jay Cho
Cancer Immunity 10 : 4 (29 January 2010) >Abstract >Full text

Possible significance of differences in proportions of cytotoxic T cells and B-lineage cells in the tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes of typical and atypical medullary carcinomas of the breast
Kok Haw Jonathan Lim, Premasiri Upali Telisinghe, Muhd Syafiq Abdullah and Ranjan Ramasamy
Cancer Immunity 10 : 3 (22 January 2010) >Abstract >Full text


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